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Chesvale DTC is a Kennel Club Registered Club run by a volunteer committee. We have been helping local dogs and their owners since 1953 and everyone involved in running the club is totally committed to continuing the fantastic work that has made the Club so successful over the years. 

All our trainers are volunteers with a wealth of experience accumulated over many years and many dogs. We train using reward-based methods which help build the bond between dog and owner. 

Chesvale DTC is a not-for-profit organisation so our training is competitively priced, and surplus funds are donated to local and national organisations which the membership feels would benefit from the Club’s support. 

Chesvale DTC’s aims are:

  • To help people train their dogs so they are a pleasure to own.

  • To provide additional advice, particularly for new owners, and to help members if they are experiencing any specific problems with their dogs.

  • To offer additional training to members who are interested in training dogs to the higher standard required for obedience competition. 

  • To be a meeting place for like-minded people who share a love of dogs.

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